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Legislative Updates

The Empire Strikes Back! (wait, who’s really the empire here?) »

By admin on January 21, 2021

An interesting new bill has popped out this afternoon at the state legislature:   SB120 – Outdoor Advertising Revisions, sponsored by Sen. Derek Kitchen.  This bill would prohibit placement of billboards on private property without a lease, and would prohibit the lease from including a provision for right of first refusal for the sign company.  […]

Land Use Task Force Update 12/20 »

By admin on December 20, 2020

Things are starting to roll out at the legislature.  A few of the anticipated planning-related bills have been posted, so here they are:

It begins! »

By admin on January 20, 2021

The 2021 legislative session has begun!   Several things to update you all about, including a couple new bills and some information.   First, an important item – SB61-Outdoor Advertising Amendments, was assigned to the Senate Business and Labor Committee and was on their agenda for this afternoon, but has since been removed.  Just be […]

Coming attractions »

By admin on January 13, 2021

Interesting discussions that took place Monday and Tuesday about bills that are out and are expected to be out soon, at meetings of the League’s Legislative Policy Committee meeting and at the meeting of the state Commission on Housing Affordability.  Let’s talk about yesterday’s meeting first.   The Commission had a pretty extensive discussion about […]

ADUs and parking »

By admin on January 14, 2021

In yesterday’s legislative update, I noted the discussions that had taken place earlier in the week about Rep. Ray Ward’s bill on accessory dwelling units (ADUs).  The Utah League of Cities and Town’s Legislative Policy Committee has taken the position to oppose the bill for a variety of reasons, with the main concern being about […]

A story and a bill »

By admin on January 8, 2021

One more bill out today, this one that deals with municipal annexations and incorporations.  This is part of the fallout of the annexation and incorporation battles that have taken place in various locations around the state during the past year or so.  This bill was worked on by the land use task force, with Rep. […]