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2022 Fall Conference

2022 Fall Conference

09/08 - 09/09

Lehi Megaplex Theatre
2935 North Thanksgiving Way
Lehi, Utah 84043

Conference Program

Planners from across the region will descend on Lehi this fall for APA Utah’s 2022 Fall Conference. With two days of presentations addressing both urban and rural planning needs, the Fall Conference provides invaluable content for professional planners, citizen planners and elected officials. 

Topics include everything from housing affordability and transportation to billboards and greenspace. With mobile tours of Lehi-area planning proejcts and keynote addresses by Alan Matheson, executive director of the Point of the Mountain State Land Authority, and Laura Hanson, managing director of planning coordination with the Utah Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget, you won’t want to miss Fall Conference. 

Early bird pricing goes through July 31, 2022.



Listed in chronological order.

September 8, 2022 10:00 am

The Mayor’s Perspective

Maintaining Community Character: The cities of Bluffdale, Draper, and Lehi – located along the rapidly growing at the Point of the Mountain – have a rich historical character. The pressures of grow...

September 8, 2022 11:10 am

Community Character

Growth just keeps rolling into our communities. How do we shape that growth to retain our community character? How do we retain the features of our community, the features that we value, before the...

September 8, 2022 11:10 am

ADUs: More Housing or Just More Hassle?

In 2021, the state legislature passed a bill stipulating that in most residential zones in most municipalities, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) that were located within a primary residential dwelli...

September 8, 2022 11:10 am

Holbrook Farms Master Planned Community Bike Tour

Exploring the successes and challenges of active transportation and mix of housing types in a 3,000 unit master planned project.

September 8, 2022 10:00 am

The Swiss Army Knife for Housing: Communications, Data and Best Practices

Utah is in a housing crisis with prices having doubled in just the last 5 years. This session will present a handful of new communications and analytical resources to help planners as you help your...

September 8, 2022 1:15 pm

Legislative Lightning Round with the League: Are you meeting legislative requirements for your general plan and development code?

Planners, have you met all the recent deadlines for land use updates recently passed under State Law? Water, housing, internal accessory dwelling units, Lamma watershed protection areas? JK, no Lam...

September 8, 2022 1:15 pm

Starting Small, How to Build a Strong Planning Department

Learn from two planners with experience in growing a planning department due to incorporation or sudden growth pressure. They will discuss three specific areas of focus which are key to creating an...

September 8, 2022 1:15 pm

Water in Planning: How Land Use Affects Water Use and How Utahns Feel About It

For years, Envision Utah has been facilitating community visioning efforts at geographies ranging from the entire state to the local community. In many of those processes, we’ve worked with w...

September 9, 2022 1:15 pm

Where Does the Water Go? Part 1 – Point of the Mountain Jordan River Mobile Workshop

A bike tour that will pedal through the narrows, observing the two main points of diversion from the Jordan River, and along the main Jordan River Trail that runs across and alongside a couple of t...

September 8, 2022 2:30 pm

Legal Hot Topics

There is no shortage of controversy in Utah’s land use realm. Often a single action by a landowner, developer or community can snowball into legislation that impacts the state. It is vital to under...

September 8, 2022 2:30 pm

Visioning and Planning for a Better Future: The Role of Integrating Water Use and Land Use Planning

In 2022, the Utah Legislature adopted a requirement for counties and (many) cities to adopt a new element in their general plans addressing the use and preservation of water. This element must be i...

September 8, 2022 2:30 pm

Planning for Mountain Biking Trails

Learn about the successes and challenges of planning for mountain biking trails. Lehi City and Draper City will share what they are working on in their cities, and how they have been collaborating ...

September 8, 2022 3:30 pm

How to Unlock the Value of Transit-Oriented Communities

Planners know the value of TOD — e.g. riders save money, our air is cleaner and our roads are less congested. This session will explore new research on lesser known outcomes including real es...

September 8, 2022 3:30 pm

Short-term rentals: What You Wish You Already Knew

Looking to regulate short-term rentals? We’ll talk about the changes to state statute made last year that affect regulating and enforcing violations for short-term rentals. We’ll also talk about wh...

September 8, 2022 11:10 am

Developing Income Restricted Housing

Affordable housing is a hot topic in Utah with the State and cities grappling with how to combat the housing crisis and how to provide more affordable housing. As planners we know that creating the...

September 9, 2022 9:15 am

Keynote: State Planning Coordination

Like it or not, growth is coming. It’s time to have a statewide conversation about growth.

September 9, 2022 10:10 am

State Planning Coordination Q & A Panel

Join us for a Q and A panel to discuss state planning coordination.

September 9, 2022 10:10 am

Zoning – Carrot vs. Stick

Decade’s long planning practices show that most zoning ordinances in Utah, and nationwide, include PUD (or PRUD) standards which provide incentives such as increased density in exchange for improve...

September 9, 2022 11:10 am

There’s got to be a better way to do annexations!

From Hideout to Grantsville, from Herriman to Providence and Plain City, the process of annexation of properties to municipalities in Utah is fraught with many problems. At one time, Utah’s state c...

September 9, 2022 11:10 am

Street Knowledge: The Wasatch Transportation Academy

The “Community Transportation Academy” model seeks to break down the barriers for community members to participate in transportation decision-making processes. Using a curriculum handbook developed...

September 9, 2022 11:10 am

Sensitive Lands – the New Statewide Tool

Sensitive Lands have become an important topic in our communities to help preserve the character and to avoid lands that are hazardous to develop. As a State wide issue, a new tool has been drafted...

September 9, 2022 11:10 am

Walking Tour of Lehi’s Downtown

Check out Lehi’s new Public Safety Building and new mixed use building on Main Street, and hear what other plans the City is working toward in encouraging new development in their downtown area.

September 8, 2022 3:30 pm

Where you can succeed as a planner with your skills

Robert A. Heinlein, an American science fiction author, aeronautical engineer, and naval officer is credited with saying – “A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, ...

September 9, 2022 1:15 pm

Consultants – When do you need them?

Many communities struggle to get to updating their community vision/general plan, find it difficult to fix their ordinances, and sometimes are just inundated with so much work that it is hard to ke...

September 9, 2022 1:15 pm

TDRs & PDRs & AG Zones, Oh My!

Communities across the Country are looking for ways to retain their community character. In Utah we are seeing concerns raised about the consistent growth absorbing our farmer’s fields, orcha...

September 9, 2022 2:30 pm

Public Input is Bad, Actually: Designing Effective Land Use Public Processes

The title for this session comes from a recent piece in The Atlantic magazine, and probably jibes with the way many planners feel about land use public hearings. The story’s author says about such ...

September 9, 2022 2:30 pm

Financing the Future – How PID’s can Work for your Community

Is your community using all the tools available to finance public infrastructure? We invite you to come and listen to those who have experience creating, using and managing Public Infrastructure Di...

September 9, 2022 2:30 pm

Wildland Fire Preparedness

Every year, devastating wildfires burn across the United States. At the same time, a growing number of people are living where wildfires are a real risk such as Utah. Also with the effects of clima...

September 9, 2022 3:40 pm

Public Engagement Tools, Tips, and Tricks

Tools, tips, and tricks to help improve your public engagement efforts.

September 9, 2022 3:40 pm

Talking Heads, What I Wish I Would Have Known on Day One

Planners can learn from listening, talking, and observing other planners and professionals. Three recently retired planners (planning experts), with decades of experience, will reflect on the total...

September 9, 2022 3:40 pm

Your Turn – ask those burning questions

Did your last PC meeting leave you wondering about an unresolved issue? Did you attend a session at the conference where you wanted to ask a question but the time was up? Bend the ear of three prac...


Laura Hanson, AICP

State Planning Coordinator
Governor's Office of Planning and Budget

Ted Knowlton, AICP

Deputy Director
Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC)

Keith Bartholomew

Associate Dean
University of Utah College of Architecture + Planning

Andrea Olson

Planning Director
Utah Department of Transportation

Ari Bruening

Envision Utah

Ryan Beck

VP of Planning
Envision Utah

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