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What are the Impacts of Climate Change here in Utah?

July 30, 2021 by admin

How much has Utah warmed? The short and simple answer is quite a lot. These stripes provided by climate scientist Ed Hawkins illustrate how warm Utah has gotten since 1895.

I believe we all agree that climate change is a global issue, however, what are the impacts on our beloved community here in Utah?

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Utah is currently in a State of Emergency due to drought conditions, 90% experiencing extreme drought. This is a unique challenge for Utahans, since “statewide reservoir levels are 15% lower than this time last year”( In addition to droughts, we are experiencing severe heat and numerous wildfires.

What about wildfires? Unfortunately, Utah’s 2021 wildfire season is also reaching historic records. All of which is primed to the ongoing drought.

Also, temperatures are soaring in Utah. Last week we reach reached a temperature of 107 degrees, the hottest temperature ever recorded! The EPA reported in 2017 that “Utah warmed about two degrees (F) in the last century alone.”

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Climate change keeps being portrayed as a global problem (which it is), but it is also a local issue. The effects of it can be mitigated right here at home. What can Utah do today to mitigate the effects of climate change today?

Salt Lake City has great resources about what the city is doing to mitigate the impacts of climate change on our community. Follow them here:

Find the US state you’re from here:

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Carlos Santos-Rivera

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