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Legislative Updates

The Empire Strikes Back! (wait, who’s really the empire here?)

January 21, 2021

An interesting new bill has popped out this afternoon at the state legislature:


SB120 – Outdoor Advertising Revisions, sponsored by Sen. Derek Kitchen.  This bill would prohibit placement of billboards on private property without a lease, and would prohibit the lease from including a provision for right of first refusal for the sign company.  Sen. Kitchen is a former Salt Lake City councilmember, and I can tell you from my time at SLC that such clauses caused innumerable headaches any time the city or another public entity sought to acquire property that happened to have a billboard on it.  Be interesting to see how this one goes!


A couple of bills are up for hearing in committee tomorrow –


HB171 – Agricultural Land Use Regulation at 2:00 pm


SB111 – Records of Residential Property Owner Zoning Violations at 2:20 pm


Finally, here’s the League’s 2021 Legislative Advocacy Statements, which includes a pretty extensive section on dealing with growth.  Could have been written by planners! 😊


Wilf Sommerkorn

Co-Chair, APA Utah Legislative Committee

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