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Legislative Updates

Commission on Housing Affordability

February 4, 2021

The long-awaited bill endorsed by the Commission on Housing Affordability has made its appearance today!


SB164 – Utah Housing Affordability Amendments, sponsored by Commission co-chair Sen. Jacob Anderegg, has a number of different things in it.  It authorizes local governments to “contribute” land for projects that will build “affordable housing” (defined in the bill); it has the provision on inclusionary requirements, indicating that such inclusionary requirements must allow for or grant offsets for the developer of equal value (meant to mean, give them the right to build more units than what the underlying zoning might allow);

Requires a community that has a fixed-guideway transit line through it to include in it’s moderate income housing plan five of the SB34 options rather than four; has provisions about the use of and accounting for impact and building fees; and enacts a section called the Affordable Housing Pilot Program, which lays out a process whereby a local entity can set up a program for making more affordable housing for entity employees available.  This is a quick and dirty description, there are a number of other details and provisions, so take a look at the bill.  Nice to have it out on the table!!


Still waiting for the main Land Use Task Force bill, though.


On another note, the subdivisions bill that requires consideration of water conveyance facilities and entities, HB107 – Subdivision Plat Amendments, is up for committee hearing this afternoon at 3:40.  There is a substitute out of the bill now which makes some considerable changes to the bill, including taking out the requirement of a subdivider having to account for facilities outside the boundaries of the proposed subdivision.



Wilf Sommerkorn

Co-Chair, APA Utah Legislative Committee


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