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Legislative Updates

A story and a bill

January 8, 2021

One more bill out today, this one that deals with municipal annexations and incorporations.  This is part of the fallout of the annexation and incorporation battles that have taken place in various locations around the state during the past year or so.  This bill was worked on by the land use task force, with Rep. Waldrip.  It fixes some of the problems that became apparent this year, but is by no means the real comprehensive rework that is needed for these statutes.  HB115 – Municipal Boundary Modifications


And a pretty good story out Wednesday by local development issues reporter Tony Semarad at the Trib, on Rep. Ray Ward’s bill on ADUs.  Good reporting, will be very interesting to see how this bill goes this session.


Wilf Sommerkorn

Co-Chair, APA Utah Legislative Committee

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