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September 7, 2021 by dcardenas

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Pleasant Grove City is soliciting the services of qualified teams/individuals (“Team”) to perform consulting services to update the City’s General Plan. Specific requirements and components are outlined in this RFP.

Responses due Wednesday, October 8th, 2021 at 12 Noon


Contact Information

The primary contact for questions regarding this RFP is:

Pleasant Grove City Community Development Director Daniel Cárdenas

86 South 100 East

Pleasant Grove City, UT 84062

(801) 785-6057


Any communication regarding this RFP to any elected or appointed official of the City or any other City staff, unless said communication is required by the primary contact, shall result in the disqualification of the proposal.

Background and Introduction

Pleasant Grove City was incorporated on January 19, 1885. The current city population estimate is 40,000. According to area population studies, the city is projected to grow to a population of 46,000 by 2030 and close to 50,000 by 2050.

The current General Plan was approved and adopted in July 2007, and a previous plan was developed in 2006. The growth and rapid development of the commercial areas within the city, primarily within the area known as the Grove Zone (the area serviced by a relatively new freeway off-ramp, which is comprised of ~800 acres between Interstate 15 and Highway 89/State Street, and the solidification of the residential zones, which has occurred as new residential neighborhoods have been developed thus filling out the last remnants of vacant land in the city, has necessitated an updated General Plan.  The General Plan is to be updated with land use goals relevant to current and future residents.

While the current plan contains information, data and goals that continue to be important and applicable, it is imperative for the city to update the plan and to revise the city’s goals regarding land use, transportation, parks, affordable housing, bicycles and pedestrian facilities, open space, etc.

Project Description / Scope of Work

The city is looking to update the currently adopted General Plan. This update can utilize the existing plan as a foundation; however, the expectation is to create a new document that will reflect the most current trends in population and land use development within our city, as well as special focus on specific areas of our city such as the commercial Grove Zone, the City’s Downtown and the left-over residential pocket areas that are to be developed shortly.

The General Plan is a visionary document that creates the framework for land development codes and development standards.  This document guides and informs decision making throughout the entire organization, as such the final product must be:

  • Easy and intuitive for the public to access, understand, and use (avoidance of planning jargon is preferred).
  • Feasible, with achievable objectives and realistic goals.
  • Concise, illustrative, consistent with itself, and strategy-based.
  • Designed to be integrated with the City’s website and GIS mapping programs.
  •  In compliance with LUDMA (Utah Code Title 10, Chapter 9a).

The new updated General Plan shall include

  •  A community vision statement which adequately and accurately captures the desired future of the city.
  • A historic summary and an accurate demographic overview of the community.
  • Future growth illustrations/renderings
  • Land Use Goals, strategies, and guidelines. The land use chapter of the General Plan shall be formulated based on comprehensive, extensive and effective public engagement and must contain the following elements:

o   An updated future land use map that represents the land use goals and strategies of specifics parts of our city.

o   New and/or revised land use categories that correspond to City Code Title 10 (Planning and Zoning) and current Planning and Economic Development practices and land uses.

o   Identification of and recommendations for potential Land Development Code amendments to increase effectiveness and consistency with the updated General Plan and City goals.

  • Community Design strategies for residential, commercial, business district, business park, and industrial development and future redevelopments.
  • Affordable housing plan & strategies to include the Utah state required Moderate Income Housing Plan.
  • Analysis, maps, goals and strategies to address the connection of Land Use with Transportation, Economic Development, Housing Needs, Parks and Recreation, Environment and Public Services and Facilities.
  • Clear implementation strategies with specific recommended actions or next steps.
  • A citizen’s guide to the plan.
  • A developer’s guide to the plan.
  • Incorporation of relevant existing master plans.
  • Other components as proposed by the Planning Commission and/or deemed critical by the City Council during the review process.
  • Special emphasis on creating strategies and plans for the present development of the Grove Commercial District, the Downtown District, and future redevelopment of commercial and manufacturing zones.

In addition to The Pleasant Grove General Plan (2007), other existing documents that can be linked to, referenced in, or used to assist in the preparation of the General Plan update include: Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan (2013), Parks, Recreation Master Plan (2013), Transportation Master Plan (2009), and the Moderate-Income Housing Plan (2019) and the Local Streets Vicinity Plan (2013). These documents may be obtained from or through the primary contact.

Submittal Format/ Proposal Requirements

The RFP submittal shall be limited to no more than 10 pages, excluding examples of prior work, and shall include the following information:

–          Cover letter that succinctly summarizes the RFP including the Team’s qualifications and interest, approach, deliverables and contact information for the principal contact person.

–          Name, title, and responsibility of each individual or team member working on the project, along with a statement of their availability and level of responsibility for the project.

–          Experience and expertise of team members, including the use of outside consultants. Describe the talents the Team brings to the project, how their knowledge of the subject will provide benefit to the process, how the Team has been successful in the past (previously completed projects) and how past success relates to this project. Include contact information for at least three previous clients for whom project Team members have completed similar projects.

–          Strategy and implementation, including:

§  An innovative and effective public outreach plan to generate input and buy-in from the public, along with meetings with city staff, stakeholders, and the Planning Commission and City Council. City staff will plan to assist significantly with this process.

§  Specific methodology, tools, theories, and resources that will be applied to the project.

§  The proposed project process, project management plan, schedule (including critical dates, planned meetings, etc.), mitigation of risks, and proposed costs.

§  Proposed format, content, and deliverables for the final product.

§  Identification of and proposed coordination with adjacent jurisdictions, State and Federal departments as appropriate, and affected entities.

–          Examples of prior work (may be in excess of the 10-page limit).

Plan Update Fee Proposal

The team must submit a fee proposal for the project, including:

  1. An estimate of time to be spent by respective positions for each phase of the work.
  2. The hourly billing rate for each position.
  3. A cost breakdown for each phase and for each deliverable.
  4. An estimate of reimbursable expenses to be included in the project.

The proposed fee will serve as a not-to-exceed amount.

Upon execution of the agreement by both parties, the Team will receive authorization to proceed with only those services identified in the agreement. The Team must receive prior written authorization before performing any services outside the scope and fee amount identified in the agreement, or the additional services will not be reimbursable by Pleasant Grove City.

Evaluation & Selection Criteria

All proposals received shall be evaluated by a City selection committee. Teams may be contacted for interviews, if determined necessary by the selection committee. The purpose of any interview is to allow the Team to present its understanding of the project, qualifications, expertise, past performance, management plan, schedule and plan for accomplishing the project. It will also provide an opportunity for the selection committee to seek clarification from the Team.

The Team will be selected based upon the following:

Strength and Experience of Team: Based on the Proposal and any interviews, the selection team shall evaluate the expertise and experience of the Team and the project manager as it relates to this project in size, complexity, quality, duration, etc. Consideration will also be given to the success the Team has had in the past with similar projects.

Project Management Approach: Based on the information provided in the Proposal and information presented in the interview, each Team will be evaluated as to their plan to manage the project. The selection Team will also evaluate the degree to which risks to the success of the project have been identified and a reasonable solution has been presented.

Schedule: The Team’s schedule will be evaluated as to how well it meets the objectives of the project. The Team shall identify in the RFP the project schedule identifying major work items with start and stop dates that are realistic and critical for the success of the project. The City desires a completed project by the end of May 2022.

Total Budget: While total cost will be a consideration in the decision, a Team will be chosen mainly based upon the strength and experience of the Team, past project examples, and the planned approach to meeting the project objectives. City will procure a Team to achieve the best project possible within the available budget.

Past Performance / Project References: Past involvement with rapidly growing jurisdictions and experience preparing general plans that are concise, illustrative, and action-oriented.

Question and Answer Period

Questions can be asked via telephone or email of the primary contact until 12 Noon on Friday, October 1, 2021.

Submittal Deadline

One digital copy on a USB drive, or a link to access the proposal document are due no later than 12:00 pm on Wednesday, October 8, 2021, at the address or the email provided on the cover page to this RFP. The digital copy shall include all pages of the RFP and supplemental exhibits combined into one PDF document labeled “Pleasant Gove City General Plan RFP 2021 – [insert Team name]” on a thumb drive.

To apply for this job email your details to

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