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UTA looks to ‘think big’ as it updates its 2050 vision plan

SALT LAKE CITY — Big ideas to improve Utah’s transit system are on the table as the Utah Transit Authority works to finalize an update to its long-range plan, which aims to identify projects over the next three decades.

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Passenger train from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City under consideration

State agencies are looking into a potential passenger train connecting Las Vegas and Salt Lake City.

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Utah ITE Section Annual Meeting 2023 Registration is Now Open

Hello APA Members, Every year the ITE Utah Section hold an annual conference. We wanted to make sure you are aware of the conference so you could attend if you wanted. Registration is now open for our 2023 Annual Meeting. Registration Link: Theme: A Focus On Practical Application The ITE Utah Section 2023 annual […]

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MAG Transit Studies

MAG is the regional planning organization for Utah County. Currently, there are many ongoing studies that will help inform and shape our transportation system.

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Cars Will Take the Streets Back Unless Cities Act Quickly

The pandemic forced communities to make space on their streets for people. That change should be permanent.

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Utah could lose out on billions in federal funding for passenger rail

In recent years, the Wasatch Front has enjoyed the addition of commuter rail, light rail, and a streetcar. However, options are still limited for those wishing to travel beyond the Wasatch Front without a car. For the past decade, I’ve been researching how Utah could expand passenger rail across our state and connect to cities in neighboring states and do so cost effectively using existing freight rail infrastructure.

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Social Equity Through Transit-Oriented Communities

Transit-Oriented Communities (TOC) zoning ordinances often incentivize affordable housing development near rail lines, bus stations and transit stops in exchange for expedited processing, density bonuses and parking reductions. In addition to encouraging forward-thinking development, these communities can provide a boost toward upward mobility for underserved populations. While legislation alone cannot solve the complex issues of […]

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A bipartisan opportunity to rebuild American infrastructure

While the election has passed, the country remains divided. Despite this polarization, the majority of Americans want their government to cooperate to move us forward.

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Away from the bustle: Covid-19 and the end of commuterland

Robert Edwards and Mario Stephen have responded oddly to the coronavirus pandemic and the crash in high-street spending that it has caused. They have opened a hair salon. Although both men trained and worked for years in London, their new salon is in Hitchin, a town of some 35,000 people that is 50km north of […]

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Salt Lake City Needs Some Traffic Calming Measures

The Salt Lake City Transportation Department recently announced a draft “Street Typologies Guide” that would significantly improve pedestrian safety (among other objectives) if approved by the City Council. University of Utah Professor Reid Ewing’s following editorial in the Salt Lake Tribune illustrates the importance of this proposal and other measures that improve pedestrian safety.

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An Answer to the Suburban Growth Dilemma

We all know the politics of planning are really tough, especially as we experience rapid growth. The most motivated voters in a city are those that are fighting to minimize change. These voters tend to be the most wealthy and the most likely to turn out anyway.  If a council accepts density that is in […]

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A New Initiative: Children’s Walks

Engaging and Recognizing Youth as Active Members of their Community The purpose of this article is to introduce the APA Ambassador Program to members of Utah APA. Also demonstrate ideas of how planners can engage with their local community and inspire the next generation of planners through Children’s Walks. To begin, my interest to involve […]

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