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UDOT Bike Infrastructure Data Collection Project

Transportation and planning agencies across the country struggle with a lack of complete and accurate bicycle infrastructure data.

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Density is a Loaded Term

I think over the years the term “density” and even “multi-family” have come to have such negative connotations to so many people, there is an immediate knee-jerk reaction against them whenever they are proposed in most communities.

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New Study on Housing Affordability Focuses on Local Land Use Practices

The study focuses on the role of local and state government, mainly land use planning and regulation as well as fiscal policies, and their role in the state’s housing affordability crisis. 

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There is no such thing as ‘smart sprawl’

What is interesting about the “smart sprawl” idea is how little empirical evidence underlies it.

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Legislative Interim Committee – What You Need To Know

This week the last legislative interim committee meetings are being held before the 2021 legislative session gets underway.

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A bipartisan opportunity to rebuild American infrastructure

While the election has passed, the country remains divided. Despite this polarization, the majority of Americans want their government to cooperate to move us forward.

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Partisan Housing – Wilf Sommerkorn

It’s just so indicative of the times we’re in, and so unfortunate, that all kinds of issues, including this one, are being turned into partisan political fights.

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State and Local Governments Must Further Address Housing Affordability

Utah has become an increasingly desirable place to relocate, especially among those stuck quarantined in coastal states with the highest cost of living in the country.

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The Status of Women Leaders in Government – Utah Cities and Towns

Research shows that communities and organizations increasingly thrive when men and women work together in leadership roles. 

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We have to do something about Utah’s housing crisis

As I anticipate graduating with my bachelor’s degree from Utah State University in the spring, I am especially worried about the worsening housing affordability crisis that Utah finds itself in.

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What the Wasatch Front needs is more basement apartments

A lot of people want to move here, but there aren’t enough places for them to live.

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Cities Don’t Need High-Rises to Become Affordable

“Density” is a word only an urban planner could love. To normal people it’s a synonym for “crowded.”

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