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APA Utah Awards

UDOT Bike Infrastructure Data Collection Project

UDOT recently received a APA Utah Merit Award for its UDOT Bike Infrastructure Data Collection project.

This project came in response to a recognition that much of the publicly-available bike facility data in Utah was very inconsistent in accuracy and coverage, making it difficult to trust the results of analyses that used the data.

Transportation and planning agencies across the country struggle with a lack of complete and accurate bicycle infrastructure data. This gap hinders planning and safety analysis and makes it difficult to identify holistic treatments that cross jurisdictional boundaries. While Utah had a partial inventory of such data (maintained by the Utah AGRC), the completeness, consistency, and accuracy of that data varied greatly across the state, decreasing its usefulness and reliability. Recognizing this, the UDOT divisions of Traffic & Safety and Planning teamed up to perform a thorough and comprehensive update of bicycle infrastructure on collector and arterial roadways.

Over the course of several months, a small team of UDOT staff from its Traffic & Safety and Planning divisions worked on a comprehensive update of existing bike facilities on collector and arterial roads statewide. The updates were made on the statewide road centerline network hosted by the Utah AGRC using its already-existing data fields and schema.

Existing data was compared to 2018 Google aerial imagery and Google Street view, and a web app was developed for easy data entry and progress tracking. In all, more than 40,000 individual network links were updated for both the left and right sides of the roadway. The update took a great deal of time and effort, but we are seeing it being used in planning efforts already, and we are confident that it will provide ongoing benefit to active transportation planning in Utah.

Downloadable GIS layer with bike infrastructure attributes:

Utah AGRC article noting recent updates to bike attributes:

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