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APA Utah Fall Conference Speaker

Maverick Yeh

Assistant city planner
Cottonwood Heights City Government

Maverick Yeh has served as the assistant city planner at Cottonwood Heights City Government in Utah since 2021. His responsibilities include overseeing residential permit reviews, coordinating with contractors to meet construction requirements, and educating residents about the significance of city planning and construction regulations, with a strong emphasis on safety. Maverick holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from BYU-Hawaii, awarded in 2016, and he earned his master’s in public administration from the University of Utah in 2020. With deep conviction, Maverick sees city planning as more than just a profession; it’s a calling to bridge the divide between regulations and the aspirations of residents.


Public and Private Sector Planners Working Together—Panel Discussion »

2023 Fall Conference, September 28, 2023 4:00 pm

A panel discussion about how public and private sector planners can work better together in the government land use planning process. Get the perspective from the private sector planners on issues and timelines they face when working with local and county governments and planning departments. Get the perspective of the local planners and the difficulties of balancing multiple interests while promoting best planning practices. Hear ideas from panelists and audience about ways to address some of these issues to work towards a good final product and mutual benefit.

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