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APA Utah Fall Conference Speaker

Mayor Garth Green

Cedar City

Mayor Garth Green, a native of Cedar City, Utah, embodies deep familial ties to the region, reminiscent of his childhood days with his father as the local Fire Chief. Graduating from Cedar High School and Southern Utah State College, now Southern Utah University, Mayor Green embarked on a successful professional journey, initially in banking and later in establishing Southwest Plumbing Supply. Throughout his career, spanning various locations across Utah, Mayor Green climbed the corporate ladder, ultimately returning to Cedar City in 1989 to found Southwest Plumbing Supply, which remains a family-owned business. Post-retirement, he engaged in global philanthropy, addressing water issues in Africa and Malaysia and promoting self-reliance worldwide. A devoted family man with five children, 25 grandchildren, and 3.5 great-grandchildren, Mayor Green cherishes his 53-year marriage to Wendy and the community’s close-knit atmosphere. Eager to tackle Cedar City’s water crisis, Mayor Green, armed with his extensive professional background, serves as Mayor, committed to enhancing residents’ quality of life. As a dedicated entrepreneur, philanthropist, and family man, Mayor Garth Green eagerly anticipates his continued service to Cedar City, ensuring its prosperity and well-being.


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2024 Spring Conference, May 8, 2024 1:00 pm

A warm welcome from the APA UT Vice President and the Mayor of Cedar City

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