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A bipartisan opportunity to rebuild American infrastructure

While the election has passed, the country remains divided. Despite this polarization, the majority of Americans want their government to cooperate to move us forward.

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Congratulations to the APAUT 2020 Award Winners

Recognizing planning excellence in Utah.

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Partisan Housing – Wilf Sommerkorn

It’s just so indicative of the times we’re in, and so unfortunate, that all kinds of issues, including this one, are being turned into partisan political fights.

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State and Local Governments Must Further Address Housing Affordability

Utah has become an increasingly desirable place to relocate, especially among those stuck quarantined in coastal states with the highest cost of living in the country.

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The Status of Women Leaders in Government – Utah Cities and Towns

Research shows that communities and organizations increasingly thrive when men and women work together in leadership roles. 

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What the Wasatch Front needs is more basement apartments

A lot of people want to move here, but there aren’t enough places for them to live.

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The Hypocrisies and Troubles of Local Control

Given President Trump’s proclivity for lurching haphazardly from issue to issue, it might come as a surprise that the president has sustained a steady interest in federal fair housing policy over the past several months—or at least in its value to his re-election campaign. It all started with a presidential Twitter rant about the perceived threat presented  by […]

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The Color of Law: A Book Review

Is racial segregation today the result of private choices or a lasting legacy of government-sponsored discriminatory policy? This is the question that Richard Rothstein sets out to answer in The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America.

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Zoning Reform Is Not Leftism

To characterize proposals for zoning reform as “leftist” is incorrect. It is true that a number of Democratic candidates and progressive organizations have embraced some of these proposals. Yet it remains the case that for most of American history, from the time of colonial settlements to the heyday of the robber barons, American neighborhoods grew in response to markets, not zoning.

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APAUT President Elect 2021 Kirsten Whetstone, AICP

Congratulations Kirsten! Kirsten Whetstone, MS, AICP has over thirty years of professional experience in municipal government working on a variety of large-scale development projects, annexations, general planning and zoning initiatives, affordable housing, and food system resilience. She started her career as a City Planner in Fort Collins, Colorado learning and implementing intricacies of the Permit […]

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“The Great Localization” COVID-19 and Opportunities for Communities

COVID-19 could permanently change the future of our cities   COVID-19 is an important moment in the history of cities.  Even as we continue to battle the public health emergency of COVID-19, and are grappling with the economic emergency, we are beginning to understand that living with a pandemic may forever alter people’s lifestyles and […]

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Zoning Reform – English Style

Housing affordability and land use regulation are issues not only all across America, but also across the “pond.”

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