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Utah Roadmap

Did you know that the Utah legislature has worked to understand how we all might mitigate climate change, together with air quality?  

In the 2019 General Legislative Session, the Utah Legislature asked the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute to prepare a research study to help the state improve air quality and address Utah’s changing climate. It is called “The Utah Roadmap: positive solutions on climate and air quality.”

In turn, it breaks that milepost down into the following key elements:

  1. Speed up implementation of Wasatch Choice 2050 Vision
  2. Encourage all Utah communities to customize and apply quality growth principles 
  3. Improve energy efficiency in buildings 
  4. Increase education, outreach and incentive programs 

The planning community should take advantage of this key, state-supported study to discuss climate change with policymakers and those that influence policymakers.  The year 2020 is a great time to directly address climate change and mitigate it in the work of community and regional planning.




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