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Category Archives: Urban Planning

Salt Lake City considers tweaks to massive Fleet Block project

The future of Salt Lake City’s Fleet Block is beginning to take shape, as city officials try to figure out how they want to turn the property into a prominent section of the budding Granary District.

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Plans emerge for The Silos, another large new neighborhood coming to SLC

West of the newly opened Post District, the redevelopment next to I-15 will pay homage to iconic grain towers and add housing, shops and a sizable park to the Granary District

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What if the Empire State Building met typical parking requirements?

How many New York City blocks would serve the Empire State Building if the parking were provided in surface lots?

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Millcreek has a plan to allow highway-scale digital billboards in its new downtown, which it just planned and zoned as pedestrian first

Staff acknowledges that allowing digital signage in the City Center is a significant change in strategy, but that change is not inconsistent with the goal of reducing the number and combined square footage of billboards where feasible

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A Tale of Two Walks: Part 2

The street and the stroad are not so distant. They are different species of a similar animal.

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How Parking Destroys Cities

Parking requirements attack the nature of the city itself, subordinating density to the needs of the car.

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A new age of suburbanisation could be dawning

Though the pandemic has not fully released its grip on America, signs of an incipient boom are everywhere: in surging demand for workers, imports and, above all, houses.

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Campus Mobility Hub Study – APAUT Award Winner

Mobility hubs are a new and emerging trend in the US. The Campus Mobility Hub Study pioneered how mobility hubs can be researched, sited, programmed, funded, designed, and developed. The Stakeholder Group included the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, the Veteran’s Administration, the Utah Transit Authority, Wasatch Front Regional Council, and Utah Department of […]

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Density is a Loaded Term

I think over the years the term “density” and even “multi-family” have come to have such negative connotations to so many people, there is an immediate knee-jerk reaction against them whenever they are proposed in most communities.

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Funding Programs Announcement

                FISCAL YEAR 2021 Funding Programs Announcement The Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC) provides resources directly to its communities and partners across the region. We are pleased to announce this year’s opportunities, totaling approximately $45 million in funding and technical assistance. As the first step, interested applicants should […]

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Missing Middle Housing: Thinking Big and Building Small to Respond to Today’s Housing Crisis

By Dan Parolek As Published on Planetizen It is critical for jurisdictions in cities large and small and contexts rural and urban to understand how to enable Missing Middle Housing to meet their housing needs. To effectively deliver Missing Middle Housing, the conventional approach of creating plans, zoning, policies, and strategies to deliver housing must […]

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Salt Lake City Needs Some Traffic Calming Measures

The Salt Lake City Transportation Department recently announced a draft “Street Typologies Guide” that would significantly improve pedestrian safety (among other objectives) if approved by the City Council. University of Utah Professor Reid Ewing’s following editorial in the Salt Lake Tribune illustrates the importance of this proposal and other measures that improve pedestrian safety.

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