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January 8, 2020 by admin
Planning News

It’s 2020; a New Year and a new decade, although some argue the new decade starts in 2021. Arguments aside, January 1 means it’s time to think about New Year’s resolutions. Consider joining the American Planning Association (APA) this year for personal and professional development, and savings.

 If you have never been a member or were a member in the past, check it out this year, there are many new programs and benefits.  For current members, review renewal dates and check out benefits of membership in one of the planet’s largest organizations of professional planners, students, citizen planners, and associated and allied professionals. 

The American Planning Association “provides leadership in the development of vital communities for all by advocating excellence in planning, promoting education and resident empowerment, and providing our members with the tools and support necessary to ethically meet the challenges of growth and change”. The mission of APA is “Creating great communities for all” with a vision to “advance planning through leadership in education, research, advocacy and ethical practice”.

In 2017, APA expanded member benefits by 1) including access to the rich resources of Planning Advisory Service (PAS), 2) adding a Free Student Membership Program, and 3) introducing an AICP Candidate Pilot Program that sets emerging professionals on the path to certification. APA also added a new Career Services department to assist planning professionals find and secure positions they desire. A reduced cost introductory membership is now available. 


Resolving to join APA this year to enhance your career and cut expenses? Consider this for new members:  United States residents new to APA can join this year for less than $100, a savings of 85% a year for up to two years ($79 for APA plus $20 for APA Utah Chapter). Chapter membership is required when joining APA. 

Resolving to attend a National Planning Conference or Utah Chapter Conference this year or next? Consider this for new members: additional savings of nearly $600.00 for new members are realized on registration for National Planning Conferences (NPC). APA Members save $320 over non-members for NPC and save $20 on Chapter conference registration. The Utah Chapter provides two conferences every year, each consisting of 20 to 40 relevant sessions on current topics, hands on trainings, networking, and mobile tours and workshops. The Spring Conference is in Moab February 26-28. Register today at utahapa spring conference 2020.

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