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SB 34 Affordable Housing Modifications Update

December 10, 2019 by admin

December 1st has come and gone, and we are happy to report that Department of Workforce Services (DWS) saw over 90% compliance by the 82 entities required to submit an updated Moderate-Income Housing Plan (MIHP) per the statutory requirements outlined in SB 34 Affordable Housing Modifications 2019 legislation. Salt Lake County drafted a summary of the most common “menu” items selected by municipalities throughout the County, with “reduce regulations related to ADU’s” being the most commonly selected “menu” item.  Allowing for “higher density or MIH in mixed-use commercial areas” and “encouraging higher density or MIH near a major transit investment” where also common selections. 

So, what’s next? 2020 will be where the “rubber meets the road” and we can start digging into the important planning work to implement the “menu” strategies outlined by your jurisdiction in your MIHP. Each municipality will be responsible for submitting a report to DWS on December 1, 2020 outlining what your jurisdiction has done to address the moderate-income housing needs in your respective jurisdiction per the plan adopted by your legislative body. 

We can plan on seeing more on housing during the 2020 legislative session including Senator Andregg’s Affordable Housing Modifications legislation.  Stay tuned for more information from the Legislative Committee as this legislation progresses through the 2020 session.  

Also, please join the Legislative Committee at the APA spring conference in Moab for an update on all the exciting land use bills as they are working their way through the legislature.  Additionally, there will be an exciting round-table session on addressing housing challenges in your respective community. 

Image Credit: Congress for New Urbanism Utah Chapter

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