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Request for Comments on the Draft APA Equity in Zoning Policy Guide

October 26, 2022 by Nicole Mason

Request for Comments on the Draft APA Equity in Zoning Policy Guide

National APA, working with drafting teams, delegates from each Chapter, and the national Legislative and Policy Committee have produced a Draft Equity in Zoning Policy Guide and are seeking input from APA members.

This Draft Equity in Zoning and Policy Guide (see link or pdf) is ready for your review. Please take a moment to review the guide and send your comments to by Monday, Nov. 14.

As you prepare your feedback, we encourage you to keep in mind the following best practices:


  • Focus your comments on proposed policies – Policies are the heart and soul of any APA policy guide. APA national, chapters, and members use these policies to inform our legislative and regulatory advocacy at the federal and state level as well as guide policy decisions at the local and regional levels. The policy section begins on page 9.
  • Identify the relevant section and policy number for each comment – Including the section (i.e., “4.1. – Appointing Advisory and Decision-Making Boards”) and policy number (i.e., Appointment policy 1) will expedite and increase the efficiency of the drafting team’s review process.


Thank you for reviewing the draft and providing comments.


APA Draft Equity in Zoning Policy Guide

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