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January 26, 2023 by Nicole Mason

One of the “major” bills we’ve been anticipating just came out – HB291 – Short Term Rental Amendments.  Short-term rentals have been a big topic of discussion and concern in many cities and counties over the last couple of years, with piecemeal legislation trying to address them. In the Growth Workshops that ULUI and Envision Utah conducted around the state in October and November, STRs came up as a major concern in a number of them.

This last year, Rep. Calvin Musselman took on the task of attempting to do a more comprehensive review of the issues and craft a bill with participation from many.  Here’s the bill.  I haven’t had a chance yet to peruse it in detail, I just wanted to quickly get out the notice to you all and let you look it over and send in your comments as well.

The bill does create a new section in the city’s LUDMA, titled Short-term Rentals Municipal Pilot Program.  Interesting attempt to deal with some of the issues of STRs.

Also, take a look at the two previous blog entries, I did not send out alerts on these because the bills that are referenced are not major bills (well, some could be but likely won’t get far in this session, so, why worry!).

Lots more to come.

By Wilf Sommerkorn

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