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Layton Forward – Layton City’s Comprehensive General Plan Update

February 17, 2021 by admin

The Layton Forward General Plan Update was adopted by the City Council on September 5, 2019. The new Plan was built on the foundation of a 2015-2016 Layton Visioning process, and engaged over 2,000 members of the community to participate in shaping the future of Layton. Participants responded to a survey with images comparing standard subdivisions to neighborhoods with variety and amenities, and options for mixed-use town centers and corridors. Clear feedback was gathered, and strong community consensus established for a broader range of housing choices, walkable residential neighborhoods with amenities, mixed-use town centers to serve surrounding residential areas, and business centers to increase jobs and economic opportunity. This comprehensive land use strategy will help to reduce the driving distance between households, jobs, services and amenities, while increasing options for transit, walking, and biking through a planned community trail system.

The plan also meets the State code requirement for a moderate-income housing plan, in an effort to “meet the needs of people desiring to live in the community, and to allow persons with moderate incomes to benefit from and fully participate in all aspects of neighborhood and community life (State Code 10-9a-403(2))”. In fulfillment of adopted General Plan policies, the City Council has adopted comprehensive updates of the City’s Planned Residential Neighborhood (PRUD) ordinance, the C-TH (Condominium / Townhouse) Ordinance, and the off-street parking ordinance, amongst others. These zoning code updates provide improved development design standards consistent with public preferences identified throughout the General Plan process. Layton City is grateful for the funding awarded by the Wasatch Front Regional Council – Land Use and Transportation Connection program in support of the City’s General Plan update.


Tim Watkins – Layton City Planner










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