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Brainstorming: Ukraine’s Post War Reconstruction

June 22, 2022 by Nicole Masson

At the National Planning Conference (NPC22), on May 2, 2022, the International Division of the American Planning Association sponsored a session entitled, “Brainstorming: Ukraine’s Post War Reconstruction“. The session was well attended with vigorous audience participation. This session and follow-up comments facilitated a path forward for a Post War Reconstruction planning effort. The report is available on the Division’s website at: The website includes updated information from the conference as well as post conference follow-up actions. A first in a series of reports planned by the International Division can be viewed there. Please see the website where regular updates and future reports will be posted. Additionally, the International Division created a database of planners who have expressed an interest in facilitating and/or following these reconstruction efforts. The database will be expanded as interest is expressed by additional people within APA and other organizations.


If you are interested in being part of this reconstruction planning effort, please visit the website and add your name to the database. Reconstruction efforts are currently focused on Kharkiv, as a model, but the group intends to review and recommend actions and avenues to enhance the post-war quality of life throughout Ukraine.


To facilitate and optimize these efforts, the core team members are currently reaching out to other organizations and individuals internationally and in Ukraine to provide direct assistance to Ukrainian planners and communities. A number of international organizations have initiated similar efforts, with the apparent gravitation towards the European Union and RTPI’s “Planners without Boundaries” expected to lead the long-range efforts.  The APA International Division is in the process of developing a Strategy Implementation Plan, and specific subject matter guidelines and solutions, applicable across Ukraine to optimize the efforts of the international partners on global initiatives.


Please feel free to share this information, including the website link,  to help the International Division in this worthwhile effort. For further information you can contact Jing Zhang, AICP, Vice-Chair of Communications, APA International Division at

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