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Daniele Benigni

August 7, 2023 by Nicole Mason

Daniele Benigni is a senior at BYU, pursuing his studies in urban planning. Originally from Northern Italy, he ventured abroad to expand his knowledge and contribute to diverse communities. Daniele spent two years in the U.K., actively engaging with various communities, providing assistance, and fostering growth. His experiences ignited a passion for researching and discussing topics such as placemaking, biophilic urbanism, sustainable mobility, fair housing, and food systems.
Currently, Daniele is interning for the Summer 2023 in a small town in Iowa, where he eagerly contributes his expertise to enhance the town’s urban planning initiatives. Excited about the future, he looks forward to further progressing his studies in urban planning, continuously seeking opportunities to make a positive impact on communities and create sustainable urban environments.

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