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Awards Spotlight: Millcreek Storm Drain Informational Video

August 26, 2022 by Nicole Masson

Millcreek Storm Drain Informational Video: A public education video was created by Ben Unguren for the city of Millcreek to provide accurate information about their Storm Drain Utility Fee.


Category: Information Technology or Media


Award: Merit


Nominated: Emilie Jordao & Matt Seipold


Summary: This video creatively and clearly explains the need for a storm drain utility fee in Millcreek by providing information that explains their importance, including all issues that exist with the storm drain system in Millcreek and why this fee is collected. The video conveys serious information that is connected to the health and wellbeing of several bodies of water in Millcreek, property and infrastructure and the general well-being of the residents. The way this information is expressed demonstrates exceptional skill in synthesizing complex information into a brief, entertaining video format that helps progress planning in Millcreek.



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